Fam Appreciate Month

April is almost upon us and with it we usher in a new tradition dedicated to you! Twiztid and are joining forces to make April forever more be known as "FAM Appreciation Month!" Now you may be saying to yourself... ok this sounds cool, but what exactly does it really mean? Well let me explain. For starters all April long will be giving away free gifts with any and all purchases. Twiztid's Jamie Madrox has illustrated 24 super cool 1 of a kind Sketch Cards that we made a Commemorative Limited Print of as one of our gifts for you. The original artwork sketch cards themselves will be randomly inserted into orders as well. So not only do you get free gifts, but you have a chance to get a Commemorative Print, and just maybe if you're lucky enough, an actual real piece of the artwork Sketch Cards that were used to make it. Now if that's still not enough to make you be like "holy shit!" then listen to this... every week in April for FAM Appreciation Month we will be running Scavenger Hunts in select cities across the Nation for chances to win more free prizes like tickets to upcoming shows, vouchers for merchandise and even cds! 

This is our way of saying Thank You to all of you who have shown us Family Luv, Support, and Dedication through the years. We REALLY do appreciate you all!

See below for a sneak peek at the 1 of 1 Sketch Cards that Madrox has submitted so far.